David A. Reber

David is the President and CEO of zIngenuity, Inc. as well as the majority shareholder. In 2005, David and Scott Allen founded the firm as a boutique consulting firm dedicated to servicing mortgage lenders and their captives regarding mortgage and mortgage insurance issues. Offerings included advisory, quantitative analysis and modeling, claims review, data management, and actuarial services. David expanded the firm’s service offerings in 2010, when he established zIngenuity Defense and Resolution Services which provides defensive services for lenders against MI rescissions and representation and warranty repurchase demands. David is available to consult with banks to design mortgage finance solutions or work as an expert witness in litigation and arbitration proceedings.

David began his career in finance with TIG Holdings then moved to Bank of America where he rose rapidly and gained experience in Trading, IT, M&A, Finance and Corporate Treasury. David returned to the insurance industry in the mid ‘90s and after a stint running finance and accounting for a new division, he was ultimately tapped to manage the runoff of numerous captive reinsurance programs that posed significant risk to his employer. Later in his career, David joined PMI Group, first as Director of Product Development and Captive Reinsurance and later as Director of National Accounts Strategies and Initiatives. It was in this role that David led the Company in 2004 to its top market share position and its “best in class” ranking for captive reinsurance as rated by top lenders. Having experienced the thrill of growing a company for others, David decided entrepreneurship would be his next move. Armed with specialized knowledge and ideas, David and Scott Allen founded zIngenuity, Inc. in 2005. David relocated to Lake Tahoe in 2009 where his ratio of fun to no fun has increased dramatically.

David holds a BA in Finance from the University of Missouri.

David A. Reber
Principal, President & CEO
Phone: (775) 831-2831